* NON-ENDORSED PLUG: LawyerNursery.com

There are great companies trying to rejuvenate our environment. One I especially like is LAWYERNURSERY.com - No they're not Lawyers! These people are producing trees and greenery. You know the stuff we need to BREATHE! If everyone who reads our post buys and least 10 pine and redwood seedlings (They're like $2 and if you put them on a drip sprinkler they will grow almost anywhere!) and plants them we might help recreate some of the oxygen destroyed by Trump and his stinking "insider oil money men". (Oh, and recently some Trump supporters I know condemned planting trees because "Children can climb them and break their arms falling... OMG! the lack of brain cells amazes me! But, for legal purposes (sad!) yes planting trees might lead to injuries... so beautiful the earth at your own risk!)
  Wild Horse Connection   * ENDORSEMENT: Wild Horse Connection

Charity Organization exposing government mistreatment of wild animals. Based in Reno, Nevada www.facebook.com/wildhorseconnection/


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