Nov 11, 2019 Official Impeachment Hearings Begin

Day 1: Opening Statements by Democrats Ask the American People to Weigh Facts
and to Consider the Repercussions of Allowing this President, and Future Presidents to
Utilize the Powers of their Office for Personal Gain, Regardless of Putting Others in Danger

Witness: Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor Provides On Camera Testimony about
Trump’s Attempts to Extort Information from a Foreign Power for his Personal Gain,
and the Reactions of Ukraine Officials who were Desperate to Obtain U.S. Military Aid

Rebuttal: Republicans Counter “Taylor has no First Hand Connections to Trump” and is
Providing Only Hear-Say Evidence. Answered by Democrats “Trump and Your Republicans
have Denied, Ignored and Obstructed our Subpoenas for the People in Direct Contact”

Conclusion: Republicans Don’t Seem to have Viable Proof Trump Did Not Threaten
Ukraine, Rely on Missing Testimonies and Hope to Continue Trump’s Only Line of Defense
to Belittle and Dilute Calls for Judgement in Hopes Loyal Trump Followers will Tune Out.

Key Moment: Republican Says “The Person Who Started this Should Testify” (Meaning
the Whistleblower who’s Identity They’ve Been Trying to Reveal) Democrat Response:
“I’d be Happy to Ask the Person Who Started this to Appear... Mr. Trump”


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